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The Email address pmaai@yahoogroups.com is a moderated and controlled distribution group list to reach via email "broadcast" the PMAAI officers, Chapters Officers and members to facilitate the quickest and most inexpensive way of communicating between and among its members.  It is moderated, meaning all postings are first reviewed by the moderators &/or the PMAAI President before distribution to preclude unwanted, unpleasant and annoying materials from going through this medium; also, to avoid any disturbance in the peace and fraternal harmony among brothers and sisters. Attachments are now permitted due to the advancement in the virus protection technology and security.

Subscribers are encouraged to share any directives, announcements, events and other official messages received from the PMAAI's office to the members of their Chapter who don't have e-mails. Please be courteous and polite.  This is NOT A DEBATE forum to determine who is right or wrong. 

List Policies

By subscribing, you agree to abide-by all policies and procedures set down by the List Administrators and approved by the President. Your use of this List may be suspended or your privileges banned for repeated violations of the List Policies. Questions regarding the List Policies may be sent to the President. 

List Moderation:

All postings will be moderated before being released. We will neither verify the content if they are fact or fiction nor edit your messages for grammar corrections, assuming that the content does not violate any List policy. Posting will be acted upon within reasonable time.

Examples of Acceptable Postings:

  • Discussion of a Masonic interest, preferably related to Freemasonry in general.  However, any topic of Masonic interest is welcome.
    Please note: Reprints in text format of articles which may be found on the Internet will not be allowed. On a case-to-case basis, the moderators may allow quoted short text if the URL or the text source is included. There will be no posting of opinions on pending or unacted sensitive issues before they are resolved or acted upon. The List Administrators will address overly long articles not found on the Internet on a case-by-case basis.
  • Announcement of Chapter events.
    Please make sure that all details, date & time, exact address, direction, including email or telephone contact information is included in your note.
  • Reports of serious illnesses or sad tidings.
    Before sending out notes regarding these types of reports, please make sure that the brother or family wishes the information to be made public. Double-check with the hospital for visitation days/hours and where 'get well soon' cards can be sent.  Avoid posting hospital private room telephone numbers, if possible. Also, please keep in mind that every illness or loss of a Brother deserves the attention and care of fellow brother Masons at a minimum, the information is sent to Brethren everywhere. 

Examples of Don'ts & Unacceptable Postings:

  • Any discussion of a non-Masonic topic, including religion or politics.
    Suffice it to say, if you can't discuss it in your Lodge Room, politics & religion included, don't discuss it on the List.
  • Notes asking for further information about an event.
    Please send such requests for information to the Brother who originally posted the information offline (privately). However, corrections to information previously posted CAN be sent to the List.
  • Please be courteous and brotherly-friendly - personal attacks will NOT be permitted, but spirited discussion is encouraged.
  • No marketing, commercials, & advertising postings; no notes offering items for sale not related to Freemasonry, or no notes containing solicitation for funds not related to a Masonic event should not be sent to the List.
  • No virus warnings will be sent to the List.
    Most of these are hoaxes. As Webmasters, we receive newsletters from the major anti-virus companies and verify all other requests against known sources on the Internet. As needed and if found appropriate, we will publish virus warnings. 
  • No Jokes, hate or chain letters
  • No forwarded message containing endless trails of previously forwarded emails. 
  • No multiple recipients, CC or BCC postings.  Your posting must be addressed directly to the brethren of the PMAAI.  If this list is merely copied as CC or BCC, your posting will be deleted.

Important List Policies:

  • You MUST sign your posting with your full name and Chapter Membership.  This is a MUST.  Pen Names, Aliases, &/or Anonymous postings are not allowed.  This requirement is very important even if your posting is from yourself, or on behalf of your chapter or lodge. You will be responsible and accountable for any message you post and for this reason we need to conform strictly to this requirement.  
  • Please make sure to check your Reply To: address before sending a note.
    If your response is to an individual, please do NOT copy the List. If you are responding to a note on the List, please make sure to delete all content not pertinent to the discussion. 
  • E-mail addresses in the body of your note.
    If you put, paste, type an e-mail address in the body of your note, we found out that eGroups suppresses the last character before the "@". As we do not have control over this, here's a way to get around it: Put a space in front of the '@' sign in your note...
    Ex: [webmaster @pmaai.org] instead of [webmaster@pmaai.org]

With our thanks to all of you for your patience and support.   Your feedbacks is earnestly solicited!

Sincerely and fraternally,
Moderators / Administrators
Office of the President