Welcome to the website of the Philippine Masonic Association of America, Inc the premier association of Filipino-American Freemason of North America.

We are an assemblage of different Filipino-American Masonic Chapters dispersed throughout North America purposely organize to;

Support our respective Masonic Lodges, Grand Lodges and the Grand Lodge of the Philippines.
Provide a medium for Filipino-American Freemasons, where so ever dispersed, to communicate, meet, act and reinforce their individual Masonic journeys and legacies.

Operate and assist in charity programs that would benefit the least of our brethren.

Actively support the development of our respective communities & families.

Showcase and promote Filipino culture, language and heritage.

All these we accomplish in harmony, peace, respect for one another and always beseeching the blessings of GOD.

Our quest is for a better world than when we found it and our focus is on the sanctity of human life and the nobility of the human spirit.

The Philippine Masonic Association of America, Inc. Scholarship Program is the centerpiece of our charity work because we believe that “the cause of all human misery is ignorance and only knowledge and enlightenment can cure it”.

As Masons we firmly believe in the Brotherhood of men and the Fatherhood of GOD.

Our conventions are totally affairs of fun and friendship, a mini Fiesta if you will, everyone savoring the camaraderie of the moment - which I invite all Filipino-American Masons to experience.

Sincerely and fraternally yours,

Angelito V. Corpus
PMAAI- President