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(To be read by RW VAL T. BASIGA, JR, Grand Representative of the MWGLP Near the MWGLNY and Ambassador of the PMAAI to the MWGLP during the PMAAI Board Meeting in Virginia Beach, VA, on May 25.27, 2012)
Dear Members of the PMAAI Board:
 The officers of the MW Grand Lodge of the Philippines and the members of its subordinate Lodges throughout this sovereign Jurisdiction extend to you their most cordial fraternal greetings.  And their most fervent wish for your success in all your Masonic endeavors..
In behalf of your brethren in this Jurisdiction and the members of my own family, I extend warmest fraternal felicitations to the Brother who will be elected National President of your great Association and to the other brethren who will be elected to occupy other responsible positions in the PMAAI officialdom.   Mabuhay po silang lahat!
Allow me, at this juncture, to address directly the officers to be elected.
To be an officer of an association with 14 Chapters throughout North America, decidedly, is a great honor and a distinct privilege.   But the duties incumbent upon you in your respective positions are fraught with grave responsibilities.  I entertain no doubt, however, that during your three-year term all of you, particularly the National President, will prove yourselves equal to the challenges and chores of your respective offices.  I am sure, dear officers, that you will provide your Association and its different Chapters with inspiration and dedication, disinterested, and dynamic leadership in order that the members thereof will extend to you their unstinted support and whole-hearted cooperation toward the successful implementation of the plans and programs you will put together for the best interest, welfare, progress, and prosperity of the Philippine Masonic Association of America, Inc. (PMAAI) and every one of its 14 Chapters.  I know that you, the Filipino Masons in North America, want your Association to be recognized by the American public as one of the most potent forces for good available to North American society.
I am also confident, dear National President and other officers of the PMAAI, that you will establish stronger links with our MW Grand Lodge, particularly now that we are celebrating the Centennial of its founding.  I want to inform you that we Grand Lodge officers, together with the Centennial Committee, which is ably chaired by our most esteemed Past Grand Master, MW Reynato S. Puno, are leaving no stone unturned to crown our Centennial celebration with resounding success.  Our celebration will culminate with a Special Communication to be held in Manila on December 17-19, this year.  From time to time we will give you, through RW Val T. Basiga, Jr., the Ambassador of your Association to our MW Grand lodge or through any duly authorized representative of your Association, detailed information on the different events we have lined up toward making our Centennial celebration “an affair to remember” or a “once-in-a-lifetime experience.”
We are inviting dignitaries from different Grand Jurisdictions throughout the world to join us in the culminating activities of our Centennial celebration.
I am happy to note that, at least tentatively, you will hold the Installation of Officers and Annual Convention of the PMAAI in Manila on December 7-9, this year or approximately 10 days before the Special Communication of our MW Grand Lodge.  I look forward with much anticipation to being with you and enjoying your friendship and fellowship on those days.    
I wish that some, if not, most of you will stay behind after your Installation of Officers and Annual Convention in Manila for the purpose of joining us in the culminating activities of our Centennial celebration.
We will send your Association as soon as we reasonably can the official programme of activities during the Special Communication. I will also keep you posted if I have plans to make an official visitation of some Jurisdictions in North America.  There can be no doubt that you will do the best you can to make my sojourn there comfortable, pleasant and memorable.
I want, moreover, to inform you, dear brethren, that the theme for our Centennial Year is “Building on the Past, Excelling in the Present, Providing for the Future  MORE Masonry for All!”  I will send you at least one copy of the Manual for Grand Officers in 2012-2013 in order that you will know our plans and programs for bringing about a more vibrant, dynamic, and relevant Masonic Fraternity in our sovereign Jurisdiction.
I fondy hope that you will also put us in the know about the developments in the PMAAI and its different Chapters.  If you send us news articles  on such developments,(with accompanying photos), we will have them printed in THE CABLETOW, the official publication of our MW Grand Lodge.  Clearly, the more frequently we communicate with each other, the stronger will our fraternal ties become!
Again, in behalf of your brethren in the Jurisdiction of the Philippines, I convey my sincerest congratulations to you, the brethren who will be elected officers of the PMAAI.  We are optimistic that, with your zealous and enthusiastic leadership, PMAAI will reach higher levels of achievement.    
 More power to the PMAAI and its various Chapters throughout North America!  Mabuhay ang Masoneriya sa America at sa Pilipinas!  Mabuhay po tyong lahat!   
SANTIAGO T. GABIONZA, JR.                                                                                                                
Grand Master of Masons in the Jurisdiction of the Philippines                                                                
for Masonic Year 2012-2013